Exchange USDT ERC20 to Visa/Mastercard KZT

The exchange of Tether US ЕRC-20 for tenge (KZT) is carried out automatically: you send USDT, and in exchange for your bank card you receive tenge. The exchange takes very little time and does not require special skills. everything is intuitive. The main thing is to correctly specify the data in the form when filling out and when paying, transfer the exact amount of USDT ERC20, and not another cryptocurrency.

The exchange algorithm looks like this:

  • Specify how much you give USDT ERC20 or how much you receive tenge, and the system will automatically convert the values at the most current rate. The commission has already been taken into account.
  • The form fields indicate email, Telegram, phone number, bank card number. The exchange does not require mandatory registration or identity verification.
  • You need to read the terms of use of the service and agree to them.
  • Press the share button.
  • In the request window that opens, use the button to generate wallet details. Transfer the exact amount of USDT ERC-20 to it.
  • After payment and receipt of the full amount, the system will send tenge to the specified bank card.

The service is provided by a technical support service that is ready to help you in case of contact in any situation related to exchanges. Contact can be made in a convenient way for you from the contacts tab.