Frequently asked questions

The minimum amount depends on the chosen direction and is set automatically when creating an application.
As such, the maximum amount of the exchange is not set, depends on the current reserves but is not limited to them.
When making an application, the service indicates the amount to be received, taking into account only its commission, while it does not and cannot take into account the bank's commission, which is debited from the cardholder, when crediting funds. Different banks may charge different additional fees, for more details - check with the card issuing bank.
Privatbank may charge an additional commission of 0.5%, which the exchange service has nothing to do with and, as a result, does not take into account when exchanging.
With auto-exchange, as a rule, within 1 minute.
Yes, you can withdraw to any card in automatic mode.
The exchange is carried out by the service at all stages without the participation of the operator.
Yes, delays can be both on the bank side and on the service side. In most cases, it is the bank that delays the receipt of the payment.
If there is no Privatbank card, then you can withdraw to a Visa or Mastercard card of any bank in Ukraine.
Yes, both large and small amounts can be split. Therefore, if you received a notification about the receipt of an amount less than indicated in the application, please wait for subsequent credits.
In this case, an error may occur during the automatic payout process and the funds will not be sent. For a prompt solution to the problem, you should contact support.