Withdraw Tether ERC20 to Monobank UAH

If you need to withdraw Tether US ERC-20 to a Mono card, we recommend using this page of our website.

This exchange direction is fully automated and the process takes a few minutes. For the exchange, you do not need to waste time on registration, which you can do at will for the convenience of subsequent exchanges.

The exchange on this page is for USDT coins of the Ethereum network, to withdraw them to the Mono card, do the following:

  • Fill in the field with the exchange amount. The same field displays information about the minimum amount of a possible exchange, and also displays the possible maximum, if the amount you specified exceeded it.
  • Fill in the form fields with details. The fields with details are required, and the comment field is filled in if necessary. Enter your current email, Telegram and phone number. Specify the Monobank card number and check the information provided.
  • Read and check the box to accept the user agreement.
  • Click the “Exchange” button.
  • A window of the created request will appear, where you need to click the button and generate the wallet details. Transfer the exact amount of ERC-20 USDT to this wallet.
  • If you pay an amount other than the specified amount, the automated exchange will not occur. In this case, please contact us to clarify the details of the transaction.
  • After the cryptocurrency is credited to our wallet, the amount in hryvnia is sent to your Mono card, according to the application.

In case of emergency or other need, you can always write to our support team in Telegram.