Exchange Tether ERC20 to Privat24 UAH

USDT ERC20 is Tether circulating on the Ethereum blockchain network. Tether is a popular stablecoin that is pegged to the value of the US dollar. This means that the value of 1 USDT ERC20 is always $1. It is readily used on the Internet as a means of payment, because unlike, for example, Bitcoin, its volatility is much lower. Therefore, USDT gives its owner greater confidence in the preservation of monetary assets. If necessary, you can always withdraw USDT ERC20 conveniently and quickly using online exchangers.

The 7Pay exchange service provides USDT holders with a convenient tool for exchanging cryptocurrency for fiat money. In particular, the direction of exchanging USDT ERC20 for Privat24 in hryvnia, which is popular among users. The exchange process is fully automated and provided with reliable protection against intruders. The sharing menu is convenient and intuitive, and sharing takes just a few steps:

  • Indicate the amount of the exchange
  • Fill in the form fields in which you must specify the phone number, email and Telegram, as well as the number of the PrivatBank bank card, to which the funds will be credited after the exchange
  • You need to accept the user agreement by checking the box and clicking the “Exchange”
  • An order will be created, which must be paid by transferring exactly the amount of USDT ERC20 you specified earlier
  • A few minutes after the payment, funds will be sent to Privat24 at the specified card number

Why should I choose the 7Pay service to exchange Tether ERC20 for Privat24

The 7Pay service has a convenient and understandable process of exchanging Tether for hryvnias with crediting to a Privat24 bank card. The exchange can be made without registering on the site. For the exchange, the minimum possible set of data is indicated while maintaining your confidentiality, and the data that the service received for the transaction is securely protected from third parties. Our service provides exchange services, for which it takes a moderate commission, which is immediately known: even before paying for the application, the client sees how much hryvnia he will receive on the card in case of a transaction. Apart from this commission, the service does not charge any additional or hidden fees, however, your card issuing bank may charge a fee for replenishment, so check their rates. The exchange is made in a few minutes from the moment the full amount of the exchange is transferred to the service wallet. The exchange mechanism is debugged and usually works without failures, but sometimes delays are possible due to the work of the bank, in this case, please do not worry, but wait some more time or contact us through the specified contacts.

When making an exchange with 7Pay, you always get the result you expected. It is safe and convenient with us.