Withdraw Tether ERC20 to Visa/Mastercard UAH

Withdrawing a crypto asset to a bank card is one of the most popular exchange directions. The most profitable way, both in terms of time spent and in terms of monetary losses, is to carry out this process through specialized exchangers.

The 7Pay exchanger allows you to withdraw USDT ERC20 to Visa/Mastercard in UAH in minutes and with a minimum commission. The commission is taken into account immediately when entering the exchange amounts, so even before creating an application, you can be convinced of the profitability of the transaction. At the same time, our service does not have any other additional payments or hidden fees. When crediting funds to your bank card, a commission may be charged by the issuing bank, which is not reflected in the exchange, as it depends on the tariffs of your bank.

The exchange is possible without registering on the site while maintaining confidentiality. As for the exchange process itself, it can be performed by following the following algorithm:

  • Fill in the field with the exchange amount. At the same time, pay attention to the hint in the same field, informing about the minimum amount of a possible exchange. If you enter an amount that exceeds the limits, the possible maximum will also be displayed.
  • Fill in the form fields with details. All fields, except for the comments field, are mandatory and must contain reliable information. All received data is securely protected by the service from outsiders.
  • A tick in the corresponding field confirms your familiarization and acceptance of the user agreement on the rules for using our service.
  • Click the “Exchange” button.
  • A window of the created request will appear, where you need to click the button and generate the wallet details. Transfer the exact amount of USDT to this wallet. If you transferred an incomplete amount, you can immediately pay the amount of which is not enough for the same details and the auto-exchange will continue. If the payment is less and it is not possible to pay extra, as in the case of an excess amount of transferred cryptocurrency, you need to contact us.
  • After transferring the exact amount of tezer, your hryvnia bank card will be replenished. Typically, the waiting time does not exceed a few minutes. You may not always receive a notification of funds from your bank, so it is worth checking the balance manually. In case of problems, always contact our support team for a prompt solution.

To exchange Tether ERC20 for Visa/Mastercard hryvnias, use the 7Pay service to feel all the benefits of automated exchange.